Zak Doors & Windows Expo has had a long-standing history of advocating positive change for the fenestration & façade industry in india.

Over 17 years of Zak Doors and Windows

The first Zak Doors & Windows Expo was held in 2006 in Mumbai. The show was an an offshoot of the Zak Glass Technology Expo (on glass & processing technologies) which was started in 2003. Architects, & Developers wanted to see the application of glass which led to the conception of the Zak Doors & Windows Expo.

At that time, the façade & fenestration industry was at an unorganised and nascent stage. uPVC & Aluminium profile system houses where just entering the Indian market along with hardware and machinery providers from Europe and other parts of the world. Collaborating with these companies, we were able to grow the show and give access to the industry to new products, systems, technologies & accessories.

The expo has evolved over the years and now attracts 15,000+ attendees annually, providing a platform to designers, investors, manufacturers, installers, fabricators and related building professionals a platform to view the latest technologies available in India in the world of façade & fenestration. Close to 200 brands from India & abroad regularly exhibit at the show which is alternated between New Delhi & Mumbai every year.

Numerous entrepreneurs in the door, window & façade manufacturing field have emerged from this exhibition and we are extremely proud of the contribution we have made to the façade & fenestration industry in India.

About the Organiser

Founded in 1994, Zak Exhibitions & Conferences (popularly known as “Zak”) is at the helm of organising the Zak Door & Windows Expo. Zak has organized over 600 exhibitions and conferences involving 22 different industries in 35 countries round the world. The core strength of Zak is acting as a bridge between the visitor and the exhibitor.

Zak is a specialist in events related to the glass, façade, fenestration & aluminium extrusion industries. Their close connection with related industry stalwarts and professional gives them the edge and allows them to address key challenges and issues faced by the industry through their medium of events.

Visit www.zakgroup.com for more about Zak Exhibitions & Conferences.